Natural, Subtle & Most Realistic Looking Colored Contacts

Nowadays, more people are quickly opting for contact lenses as opposed to eyeglasses. Primarily, this is because contact lenses are not only comfortable but also present a fashionable image. In fact, the colored contact lenses have gained massive popularity, as they make people look different. Since they are available in a wide range of options and colors, you can find it difficult to pick suitable contacts lenses. For this reason, consider the following tips on how to choose the right colored contacts for your eyes.

Determine the Color of your Eyes

Before you settle for a given color for your contact lenses, you first must know the natural color of your eyes. Are they light or dark? This is a vital deciding factor and it ought not to be overlooked.

1. Dark-Colored Eyes

If your eye color is dark, you can opt for opaque-tinted color contact lenses in a bid to attain an attractive and stunning change in their appearance. In this case, you can settle for hazel tones or lighter browns to achieve a subtle look or effect. Brightly-colored options like green, blue and violet may also help you attain a dramatic effect

2. Light-Colored Eyes

If you have natural light-colored eyes, you may settle for enhancement tint contact lenses. These lenses are designed with the aim of deepening your natural eye color without depicting an unnatural or fake look. Consider lenses with blue-red undertones, if you intend to attain a dramatic look.

Consider your Skin and Hair Color

When searching for the ideal color contact lenses, you must take into account your hair and skin color. If you have blond hair, light eyes and light skin, then dark green or golden brown color lenses will suit you. On the other hand, dark eyes, dark skin tone and dark brown hair will complement light blue contact lenses. To identify your skin tone, you can query your friend or visit a trustworthy cosmetic counter near you.

Subtle versus Stunning Look

If you do not know how to choose the right colored contacts for your eyes, consider when you want a subtle or stunning look. This is because of the availability of many colored contacts, which can achieve a varying effect or change for different people. For a subtle effect, pick a color with lesser hue. This is suitable for professional or work purposes. If you are interested in achieving a stunningly attractive look, select the brightest color hue you can find such as Freshkon color romantic violet. Bear in mind that the color hue you pick is dependent on the kind of lifestyle you lead.

How Frequent you Intend to Wear them

Do you plan to wear the lenses on special days or daily? Well, if you wish to use them only for special occasions, then soft colored contact lenses are an ideal choice. For regular or daily use, basic colored lenses are a good fit.

Visit an Optometrist or Eye-Care Professional

During your search for ideal colored contact lenses, bear in mind that you must obtain a prescription from a licensed eye care expert. Mainly, this is because contact lenses are categorized as medical devices. Therefore, being examined by an optometrist or an eye care professional is important. Getting a regular eye exam is a prerequisite regardless of whether you have perfect eyesight.

Request Free Trial Lenses

If you are in any case worried that the colored contact lenses you choose may not be an ideal match for you, simply request for a free trial pair from your eye expert. Most eye doctors allow their patients to try contact lenses for a short duration in a bid to determine whether the lenses are a perfect match for them.


Since you can get good colored contact lenses from different places nowadays, you can use price to compare potential sellers. If you intend to buy online, look at certain factors like handling fees and shipping rates. Furthermore, keep in mind that cheap is expensive in the long term. Hence, settle for quality contact lenses only.

Adhering to the above advice places you in the right direction when it comes to understanding how to choose the right colored contacts for your eyes. Additionally, learning what complements your personality and taste before seeking expert help is important.


If you are considering colored contact, you will want to know all the risks as well.  This video tell you what you need to know:

Most Realistic Colored Contacts

Now you know which are the most realistic and the right contacts for you.

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