Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

You might have heard about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how it is being used for medical and cosmetic purposes. Nevertheless, how does it work and how can you gain from its use? The therapy involves placing the patient inside a cylinder made from glass that has a hundred percent oxygen in it, with pressure greater …

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Why Do Medical Professionals Wear Scrubs?

Scrubs are commonly worn by nurses, doctors, and other people in the medical industry. They have become the symbol for healthcare employees and professionals, both on television and in real life. So why do medical professionals wear scrubs? Aside from allowing patients to easily identify nurses and doctors, scrubs offer many other benefits. With these …

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An Extensive Guide To The Best Oximeters

using a pulse meter

What Is A Pulse Oximeter And What Is It Used For? A pulse oximeter is a piece of medical equipment used to measure oxygen concentration in a patient’s blood. A medical practitioner attaches the device to a part of a patient’s body that has a lot of blood circulation such as the ears, fingers, and …

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The Many Amazing Benefits Of Bee Propolis

a hive of bees

What is bee propolis? Apart from honey and beeswax, bees also make bee propolis, a substance with amazing health benefits.Bees use propolis to glue their hives together and seal small gaps on their hives. It is a mixture of beeswax and a number of bee secretions, and contains resins from Poplar and Confer trees. The …

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How To Get A Veterinary Nursing Apprenticeship

vets and a doberman

How to get a veterinary nursing apprenticeship? Honestly, there’s no straight answer to this question since there are several variables to look into. However, if you have some information in hand, you would be able to answer the question yourself. In this article, we provide you the information. Intro to a Veterinary Nurse Apprenticeship It’s …

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10 Eye Care Tips For Children

cool kid with glasses

Healthy eyes and good eyesight improve a person’s quality of life. The best time to ensure a lifetime of healthy vision is when a person is young. You can start with 10 eye care tips for children to protect your child’s eyes. 1. Prioritize vision exams. Children need routine vision exams to detect eye problems …

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Sharing An Awesome Recovery Story

I wanted to share this amazing story about a special girl who suffered from a number of concussions and how she was able to pull out of it with the help of Cerebrum Health Centers concussion treatments.  Take some time and read this awesome story below: In February of 2014, in my 2nd semester of …

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