What You Need To Know About An Eye Exam

receiving an eye examination

Your eyes are your window to the world. Keeping them healthy is the first requirement for leading a happy life. A visit to the doctor at least once in a couple of years can help you keep them healthy. What you need to know about an eye exam is mentioned in this article. Eye tests are conducted for a variety of reasons like assessing the vision, checking the ability to discern between colors, and spotting a deformity in its early stage. Eye exam conducted at the right time can prevent many types of problems. Timely diagnosis can help you treat tumors and diseases. Many doctors can tell you whether you are ill or not by merely taking a look into your eyes.

Choosing and visiting an eye doctor!

When choosing an ophthalmologist or an optometrist in Plano for examination of your eyes, don’t just go by the fee they charge. In most cases, the better the service, the higher the fee. An experienced and reputed doctor can do wonders for you. He or she can read the measurements in the light of your requirements. He would be easily able to strike a chord with you. A routine eye examination like a screening test can be conducted by anybody. On the other hand, a detailed and comprehensive examination is conducted only by a qualified doctor who has the required equipment at his or her disposal.

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Before visiting the doctor, you should wash your eyes with plain water and wipe them with a soft cloth. If you have a history of eye problems, you should gather the related cards, documents and prescriptions. Share these with the doctor before he begins the treatment. After the check up, make sure you follow the doctor’s advice. If you are not comfortable with eyeglasses (and don’t forget the eyeglass cleaning supplies as well), you can go for contact lenses as well. However, several people are allergic to them.

Children and older people!

As far as children are concerned, a newborn should undergo an eye test within the first year of birth. This is important because vision plays an important role in the development of a child. Old people too need to get their eyes checked on a regular basis. This helps them correct their vision through eyeglasses, by taking medicine or through surgery. If a person wears the wrong types of eyeglasses, his or her vision may deteriorate further. One of the common problems faced by old people is that of cataract. It can be treated with a simple operation but you will be surprised to know that 50% of the blindness around the globe is attributed to it. A routine eye examination can reveal the problem. Though it mostly affects old people, children and other adults too can suffer from it. One of its most common symptoms is blurred vision. People suffering from diabetes are especially susceptible to vision problems.

Our eyes are subjected to pollution, toxins, radiation, ultra violet rays, and other things every day. These can damage our eyes. The best way to keep them healthy is by getting them examined on a regular basis. During a routine check up, the doctor examines the eyes for far and near vision and coordination between the two eyes. Studies have revealed that poor vision can cause depression. You can lead a happy and cheerful life by keeping your eyes healthy. In normal conditions, you just need to visit a reputed doctor once every couple of years.

Prevention is better than cure. Other than providing good vision, it will also save you money and time. Now you have the answer to the question, “What you need to know about an eye exam?”.

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