Medical Scrubs Need More Care Than Regular Work Clothes

doctor wearing medical scrubs

If you are a doctor or nurse, you are definitely familiar with medical scrubs. Perhaps you have found the most comfortable scrubs, but still need some good pointers on taking care of them, cleaning them properly and helping them last as long as possible. Take a look at these excellent resources for not only cleaning them but also some other things you should know as well:

Disinfecting Your Scrubs

As you know, you are probably in contact with a ton of germs just during one shift. Making sure you get all that out of your clothes after a day at work is extremely important.
How to disinfect your medical scrubs
What Should People Do To Clean Nursing Scrubs?

Make Them Last Longer

Do you want to get a few more miles than usual out of your work uniform? Taking care of them properly is the first step:

13 Ways to Keep your Scrubs Looking Great

Should You Be Wearing Them In Public?

Should Doctors and Nurses Wear Scrubs in Public?

On Different Nursing Assignments?

This is a good point and something that I actually didn’t think too much about until seeing this post:

Ask a Travel Nurse: Do I have to buy new scrubs for each Travel Nursing assignment?