Why Do Medical Professionals Wear Scrubs?

Scrubs are commonly worn by nurses, doctors, and other people in the medical industry. They have become the symbol for healthcare employees and professionals, both on television and in real life. So why do medical professionals wear scrubs?

Aside from allowing patients to easily identify nurses and doctors, scrubs offer many other benefits. With these on, nurses can clearly identify different fluids and contaminants. They are also inexpensive, easy to clean, and quite protective.

Here are some of the most essential benefits of using scrubs:

Scrubs Help Identify Hazards, Contaminants and Body Fluids

Most scrubs used to be white, but now, other colors such as blue and green have become commonplace in healthcare facilities. The color of the scrub usually depends on the policies of the healthcare facility.

The color of the garment also provides contrast that helps medical professionals conveniently identify potential contaminants, chemicals, and body fluids like blood, urine, vomit, and stool.

Scrubs are Durable

Healthcare facilities usually clean scrubs under harsh conditions. Hence, it is important that the garment used to create the scrub is durable and can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals.

It is necessary to clean the scrubs thoroughly to ensure that any potential contaminant gets removed. Other types of clothing may easily get damaged under these conditions. The healthcare industry requires extreme care in treating patients. Any hazardous chemical or potential contaminant may interfere with any medical procedure.

Scrubs are Significantly Cleaner

Most of the scrubs that medical professionals use are cleaned at the respective healthcare facilities they work with. Therefore, they are usually cleaner than their own personal clothing.

Keep in mind that potential contaminants may stick to the healthcare professional’s personal clothing while en route to the healthcare facility.

Healthcare facilities guarantee that the outfit worn by their employees are thoroughly cleaned before use. Any hazardous microorganisms and chemicals have to be removed before any medical procedure can be done on a patient. This helps mitigate the chances of unwanted infection.

Scrubs are Inexpensive

Another good reason that medical professionals use scrubs is that they are inexpensive. Since medical professionals are usually hands-on during work hours, they can easily get contaminated with all sorts of things while handling patients. If the scrubs get worn out, damaged, or stained, they can be replaced easily without any concern about budget.

Scrubs Protect Personal Clothing

Scrubs can either be worn over personal clothing or worn independently during work hours. This prevents personal clothing from getting ruined, stained or damaged. Remember that the healthcare industry deals with a variety of potential stains, harsh chemicals, and hazardous contaminants.

The inexpensive nature of scrubs make it a more effective type of clothing to use during work hours. It is a better alternative to wearing expensive and fashionable personal clothing.

Scrubs are Convenient to Wear

Some scrubs have lots of pocket space that doctors and nurses can use to carry around tools like bandages, pen lights, gloves, and other necessary equipment. This can be convenient during busy hours, which allows healthcare professionals to be at the ready with any equipment when the need arises.

In certain instances, healthcare facility policies may require medical professionals to use scrubs with minimal pocket space. In this instance, a fanny pack may be required as an alternative.

Scrubs Provide Identity

Scrubs are quite useful in identifying medical professionals. It acts as a uniform that allows patients to identify who to talk to in case of an emergency. This works the same way with other professionals in various industries.

The color and design of the scrub may be used to identify the specific function of the healthcare professional as well. White may be used by doctors of internal medicine, green for surgeons, and blue for nurses. This may vary from one healthcare facility to another.

In some instances, a dress code for each department may be required by the healthcare facility. Therefore, the color, design, and pattern of the scrub may differ in the pediatric care, general care, operating room, emergency room, and so on.

Scrubs as Uniforms Promote Professionalism

Scrubs are not only useful in identifying medical professionals. They also help promote professionalism. Just like how police uniforms provide authority, scrubs also give medical professionals a sense of dedication and pride towards their profession.

A healthcare facility looks more organized when nurses and other medical professionals use uniformed scrubs during work hours. It makes it easier for both patients and employees to determine who is who in any particular area of the facility.


Why do medical professionals wear scrubs? They are safer to use than personal clothing. They are durable, can withstand harsh cleaning conditions, inexpensive, and provide convenience for healthcare professionals.

In addition, they can protect personal clothing from getting stained or damaged, provide identity in the workplace, and promote professionalism for healthcare professionals.