The Many Health Benefits Of Raw Food Smoothies

There are countless health benefits of raw food smoothies, and a few considerations to take under advisement in order to acquire those benefits. Whether you want to add more raw food into your diet to lose weight, gain a higher level of health or heal from an illness, getting out your blender and making raw food smoothies are a great way to go.

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You may be wondering what a raw food smoothie is, which is a good starting place. Essentially, a raw food smoothie is a drink incorporating blended raw fruits and vegetables as well as possibly containing nuts, herbs, seeds and wild edibles.

Which Blender Should You Choose?

Raw food enthusiasts rave about using a Vitamix for all your raw food blending needs, but it does come with a steep price tag. A Vitamix will cost you around $400 depending on which country you live in. However, if you don’t have the money to spend on a high-end blender, you can still enjoy the health benefits of adding more blended raw foods into your daily life.

Get What You Need With Less Hassle

With today’s standard diet, many people are lacking in vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It would take you days to eat what you can put into one glass, and when you blend it in the right combinations, it tastes way better than sitting down to a plate of wild edibles and leafy greens. Additionally, blending your raw food is fast, easy and convenient.

The best way to make a smoothie is buying organic and locally grown produce, or if you have the inclination, you can grow your own produce and blend it right out of your garden.

If you do not have access to or cannot afford organic produce, take care to wash and soak all your vegetables in a sink of water with a couple teaspoons of white or apple cider vinegar added. Allow them to soak until you see the waxy residue floating in your water or dissolving off your produce, then rinse it well.

You can also research which fruits and vegetables have the highest pesticide amounts and try to buy just those in organics, and purchase conventionally grown fruits and vegetables with the lowest pesticide counts.

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Best Smoothie Blending Practices

If they have peels, discard the peels rather than blend them as that is where the highest amount of pesticides is absorbed. You will lose some of the insoluble fiber and nutrients found in the peeling, but overall, if it is a conventionally grown fruit or vegetable, you are better off not using the peel.

When you begin the blending process, after all your raw foods are washed and rinsed off, there should be just enough purified water to keep the smoothie moving freely. Most often, adding enough water just to cover the raw food is enough. You will want your raw food blended thoroughly, but you will also want to blend for as short of time as possible. The longer you blend, the more oxygen is mixed in with the contents, which creates oxidation.

The whole point of blending your raw foods is that it breaks down the food particles so that it is easier for your body to digest and assimilate. This is especially important as many people have compromised digestive systems, leaky gut and less than optimal levels of stomach enzymes and acids.

A raw food smoothie actually starts getting digested in your mouth, which is the first stage of your digestive system. As the cell walls are ruptured when raw foods are well-blended, saliva can break these food particles down even further, making it one of the easiest foods you can consume for your digestion.

What About Bloating?

One mistake people make with raw food smoothies is to drink it too fast and then suffer from bloating or indigestion. There is a lot of fiber that is retained when blending, but your smoothie needs to be consumed slowly, which gives your stomach time to adjust and start digesting the contents. Think of a smoothie as more of a food, than a pleasurable drink.

And, pleasurable it is. Raw food smoothies are delicious when mixed in good combinations. An ideal combination to make it palatable is about 60% fruit and 40% vegetables. Don’t be afraid to try new combinations or to explore smoothie recipes, but just a word of caution, use as little of the produce as possible to taste test it first. There is nothing sadder than dumping a blender full of expensive organic produce down your drain because you couldn’t get it tasty enough to handle.

Rotate Your Food!

The most important and cautionary thing to remember with raw foods is to always rotate your foods, eat them in moderation and try not to use too many high oxalate foods at the same time. This is especially true for leafy greens. Most leafy greens have a very high content of oxalic acid, although wheatgrass is an exception as it contains a very low amount of oxalic acid. A diet with too high of an oxalate level can cause serious, painful and adverse health conditions.

There are many health benefits of raw food smoothies that you and your body will thank you for later.