Does Low Testosterone Cause Belly Fat?

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Low testosterone and growing visceral fat within the abdomen of men can be a deadly issue.

A strange thing can happen to men with low testosterone causing excess weight to form in their belly. ??Many published studies show that??no matter how hard they work or little they eat, low testosterone and obesity work synergistically together creating a fat vacuum with belly being the bag.

Whats an even bigger kicker is the majority of physicians don’t test for low testosterone in obese males. As embarrassing as it might be if you are suffering symptoms from low testosterone asking your doctor is a must! Truth be told you are far from alone my friend. There is a lot of metabolic syndromes that can be prevented as well from this simple test like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, and cancer.

It only takes a simple test so do it. Did you know well over 1/2 of the people who suffer from things like diabetes will die by stroke or heart attack? ??Do you want that to be you?

You should ALWAYS consult your physician before taking any supplement!

Is Low Testosterone – An Early Marker For Diabetes?

If you are an older man with type 2 diabetes thinking about getting a testosterone blood test is essential. This one oversight could cost you big time! Sex hormones are a huge factor in how we think, feel, and observe ourselves. Unfortunately though there is more factors that??science is revealing. Factors like low testosterone may now only be a signal of issues to come, but may be a root cause!

The link between low testosterone, and obesity as a byproduct has been known for sometime. The truth is however its still effecting millions of men. Low testosterone can go unnoticed if you only relate it to the common(according to WebMd) loss of energy, depression, and the dreaded erectile dysfunction. It is most commonly mistaken for aging, but in fact low testosterone is a completely treatable condition. Thankfully!

The low testosterone stigma has to come to a stop! You are who you are, and even your doctor should be concerned according to? Herbst on webMd who thinks doctors have the ability to do more. Doctors generally don’t think about it unless the its a man over 50. Your life is more important than pride so ask!