Choosing The Most Comfortable Scrubs

If you are new to the medical field, you are more than likely required to wear medical comfortable scrubs. While it may seem simple and easy to just go buy any scrub sets, there are a lot more to them than what it seems. Not only should you know how to choose the most comfortable medical scrubs, but you will also want to consider a few other factors.

We are currently evaluating a number of different brands and we came to one awesome conclusion for men.  these men’s fitted scrubs are probably the best ones that I have come across so far.  They fit awesome, feel great and are made with very high quality materials.

Color Scheme

Before you head to the store and grab the cutest scrubs you can find in your favorite color, you need to find out what color schemes are allowed at your place of employment. While some are relatively relaxed and allow all colors and designs, other places are so picky they won’t even allow the trim to be certain colors. Before spending your hard-earned money, find out if there are any restrictions on color or design and if you are only allowed to wear certain colors.

Must Have Pockets

Not only do you want your scrubs to be comfortable, they also need to be highly functional. You will find your pockets stuffed full of miscellaneous items by the end of the day and it can be really frustrating to not have pockets right when you need them. Look for pockets that will hold a decent amount of items, but that are not so big all your things fall out every time you bend over. Leg pockets in scrub bottoms are also a huge bonus that you will find you use often.

Get Rid Of The Elastic

Personally, I don’t like the traditional elastic waistband.  It kind of feels like you are wearing pajamas to work in comfort.  Now, you actually might think that this sounds like the most comfortable scrubs, but you would probably change your mind after wearing them all day.  I like something more pant like with belt loops.

Quality Counts

You don’t have to spend your entire first paycheck on scrubs, but you will want to look for higher quality material that will hold up well and last a long time. Another benefit of higher quality scrubs is less lint sticking to every surface inch of your scrubs every time you take them out of the dryer. Keep an eye out for deals and sales, end of the year clearance sales are a great way of picking up some high quality and comfortable scrubs without killing your budget.

Be a Material Girl, Or Boy

You may not give the material your scrubs are made out of a lot of thought, but you should. You will be wearing them for hours upon hours and if the material is even a little bit coarse or rough, you will regret purchasing them. The key to knowing how to choose the most comfortable medical scrubs is by picking scrubs made out of material that is lightweight and soft. Soft cotton and cotton blends are usually your best bet.

Fit is Important

If you are a female, you will want to make sure your top fits comfortably and you won’t have any awkward moments with a patient if you need to bend over in front of them. V-cut scrub tops are cuter, but they can lead to embarrassment if the “v” is cut too deep or if it is too big for you. Your place of employment may allow you to wear a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt under your scrubs, which makes this less of an issue. However, overall, you want to make sure your scrubs are not too baggy or too tight in order for them to be comfortable.

Have a Few to Spare

Make sure you have enough comfortable scrubs that you like to wear in case a pair gets ruined. You never know what can happen on any given day for a medical worker, so it is best to have three to five scrubs that are high quality, fit you well and are comfortable to wear. This also allows you to rotate them and they will last longer rather than needing to wash the same set over and over.

Try, Before You Buy

Most places will allow you try scrubs on before you buy them. You may already know your size or what you are looking for, but each brand is a little different and what works well for you with one brand, may not hold true with another. It only takes a few minutes to do, and it saves money by not spending your hard-earned paycheck on a pair of scrubs you end up hating and never wearing.

Knowing how to choose the most comfortable medical scrubs is a lot easier once you take these factors into consideration and know what to look for before you go out and buy your first pair.  I hope this helped you in deciding.

Most Comfortable Scrubs?

Finally, you will also want to consider other factors aside from most comfortable.  Yes, comfort is important but so are other things as well.  You should also look at durability, price, design and other important factors as well.  Check this out to buy medical scrubs near you.