How To Get A Veterinary Nursing Apprenticeship

vets and a doberman

How to get a veterinary nursing apprenticeship? Honestly, there’s no straight answer to this question since there are several variables to look into. However, if you have some information in hand, you would be able to answer the question yourself. In this article, we provide you the information. Intro to a Veterinary Nurse Apprenticeship It’s …

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10 Eye Care Tips For Children

cool kid with glasses

Healthy eyes and good eyesight improve a person’s quality of life. The best time to ensure a lifetime of healthy vision is when a person is young. You can start with 10 eye care tips for children to protect your child’s eyes. 1. Prioritize vision exams. Children need routine vision exams to detect eye problems …

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Sharing An Awesome Recovery Story

I wanted to share this amazing story about a special girl who suffered from a number of concussions and how she was able to pull out of it with the help of Cerebrum Health Centers concussion treatments.  Take some time and read this awesome story below: In February of 2014, in my 2nd semester of …

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Everything You Need To Know About Concussions

diagram showing brain concussion

Traumatic injury to the brain refers to a short-lived functional loss of the brain because of trauma to the brain which will resolve spontaneously. In concussion, the function could only be disrupted but the brain does not have structural damages. Basically, the brain is floating in cerebrospinal fluid with the skull enclosing it. These protections …

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Best Massage Chair For Neck And Shoulders

Whether you’re buying a massage chair for relaxation or medical purposes, or for neck and shoulder pain, choosing the right one is extremely important. We also recommend looking at best massage chair reviews before purchasing as well. Why Buy a Massage Chair? There are a lot of reasons why people choose to buy a massage …

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What are the Dangers of Black Mold?

black mold

If you’ve ever asked yourself, what are the dangers of black mold, you should know that black molds are a potential danger to both: Your health The structural integrity of your home. In order to understand what makes black mold so dangerous, you must first understand what black molds are. Molds are a member of …

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