Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

You might have heard about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how it is being used for medical and cosmetic purposes. Nevertheless, how does it work and how can you gain from its use? The therapy involves placing the patient inside a cylinder made from glass that has a hundred percent oxygen in it, with pressure greater …

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Why Do Medical Professionals Wear Scrubs?

Scrubs are commonly worn by nurses, doctors, and other people in the medical industry. They have become the symbol for healthcare employees and professionals, both on television and in real life. So why do medical professionals wear scrubs? Aside from allowing patients to easily identify nurses and doctors, scrubs offer many other benefits. With these …

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What Do The Different Color Medical Scrub Mean?

doctors in their scrubs

It is weird to think that the ubiquitous scrubs that are now such a part of everyone’s experience were not always part of it. It is interesting to ponder what do the different color medical scrubs mean, especially considering that everything in a hospital has a specific function, especially given the history of the medical …

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