5 Awesome Black Tea Health Benefits

cup of black tea

Caffeine lovers! Here is the way to get rid off your addiction. yes.. !!! Tea is healthier than coffee, the reason being its health benefits. As we people are getting calorie conscious its must to have a count on our cups and set limit on it. Here are the health benefits of black tea and lot more about tea.

Benefits of Black Tea:

Contains anti-oxidants:

Anti-oxidants mostly come from fruits and veggies that we eat up. According to an estimate, Black Tea have 10 times the amount of anti-oxidants that found in fruits and veggies. A continual supply of antioxidants is necessary in order to obtain the maximum benefits of antioxidants.
Cups of Black Tea benefit the body by neutralizing and removing the free radicals from the bloodstream.

Contains disease fighting compounds:

Flavonoids in black tea helps to heel up many problems in our body. Additional intake of anti-oxidants helps to fight against heart problems,
eye problems,memory and immune system problems. It helps in lowering your risk of stroke and heart disease, lowers your blood pressure, increase mood and mental performance, and even keeps your energy up. Black tea is a best mood reliever. It takes away the mood disorders too.

Detoxifying nature:

The anti-oxidants in black tea has detoxifying properties. It actually purifies human cells. Antioxidants work to reduce the oxidative stress and free radicals in our body. Too much of which can causes cancer and other chronic diseases
Detoxifying teas can begin to enhance your natural organ functions. It helps the smokers from cancer too.. Like a wonder drink for them.However, high quality black teas can support the body’s natural daily process of detoxification.

Skin health benefits:

In take of Black Tea helps in keeping your skin in good condition. It fights against premature aging of the skin. When you are exposed to high levels of UV, black tea is the best fluid helps you from sun tan n sun burns. when sipped regularly.. It helps balancing fluid requirements to our body and keeps hydrated.

Black Tea vs Green Tea:

Black tea, Green tea both come from the same tea plant. The leaves are just processed differently. Green tea leaves are not fermented. they are steamed. Black tea undergo a crushing and fermenting process. so, keep your confusion out in between them.